Make it Rain.

GriZ - You’ve got to Change

Another summer cruising track from Griz up for free download. This guy’s music is summer.

Download link:

Why you should travel young

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Jeffreys Bay

Colin Munroe ft Pusha T - Fight of my Life (Zeds Dead Remix)

So we put up the preview of this a while back and promised you the released when it came  out. which has just happened. rocking.

Download link:

Griz - The Future is Now

The only way to describe this tune is the way Griz himself does, as a “Summer future funk banger”. Turn it up and enjoy.

Ellie Goulding ft Tinie Tempah - Hanging On

DJ NM - Igloo

Song from Craig Anderson’s part in the 2011 Taylor Steele movie “Innersection”


Craig Anderson Innersection Full Part from 360 To Nowhere on Vimeo.

(Source: theriverstale)

Butch Clancy - Lonely

We’re a big fan of Butch Clancy here at How to make it Rain. I love his style of dubstep and he’s come through once again with a banger.


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